Checking Accounts

At alliance, we make checking easy.

Alliance Bank offers many different types of checking accounts. We offer a variety of traditional checking or interest bearing accounts. Whether it is Worry Free checking, Flex Checking that has competitive interest rates or even a Senior Citizen Now Account.

Worry-Free Checking

Worry Free, the name of this checking account speaks for itself.  Don't "Worry" about minimum balances, service charges and transaction limits because there are none!  This account is a great fit for students just starting out or anyone who just wants a simple checking without all of the fees or charges.

Regular Checking

When organization matters, we have a checking account that provides images of your checks with every monthly statement so you can keep track of your spending.  Regular Checking can be used for personal use, a Sole Proprietorship, a Living Trust and more.

Flex Checking

This account is by far our most popular interest-bearing checking account.  This account allows for greater interest rates for higher account balances.  The nice part about this account is there are no transaction limitations!  Write as many checks as you want without fees!

NOW Checking

Would you like an account that provides images of your checks and interest?  This gives you the best of both worlds.  Another great feature with this account, is there are no transaction limitations!

Super NOW Checking

This account is similar to our NOW account; however, it also provides Tiered Interest Rates!  The higher the balance the higher the interest rate! Super NOW accounts are for those who normally hold higher account balances and want the interest rate that goes with it!

Business Checking

Your business matters to us, so we have a business account that provides images of your checks with every monthly statement and an Earnings Credit for the balance you keep in the account.  No minimum balance required!

EZ Business Checking

Do you have a small business that could use a very simple type of checking account?  The EZ Business Checking might be just the account for you.  No transaction limits and a small opening deposit will get you started in the right direction.

Money Market Account

This account is more of a savings account rather than a checking.  The interest is tiered to benefit those who keep larger account balances.   A nice benefit to this account is receiving images of your checks with every monthly statement.